12/06/2019 07:00pm the Hive Sheung Wan

Transform Your Career with Strong Business Writing Skills

Are weak writing skills letting you down at work? Are your emails and proposals failing to get results? Do you worry about making the right impression?

You’re not alone. We see many talented professionals being overlooked for promotions because their writing skills are holding them back.

The truth is, people form opinions of you based on your writing. Bad writing wastes time, obscures good ideas and creates frustration. Good writing boosts co-operation, prompts action and has a positive impact on the bottom line. That’s why employers rank strong written communication in the top three most sought-after skills.

Don’t worry. There are simple ways you can improve your writing quickly. Join us on Wednesday 12 June 7-8:30pm at the Hive Sheung Wan and learn to master the art of business writing.

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