28/03/2019 07:00pm the Hive Sheung Wan

Storytelling – The Power and Persuasion

The Power of Storytelling
(Part 1 in our series of four on Storytelling)

No-one should underestimate the power of stories. Stories evoke an emotional response – something
that can cause immediate engagement, empathy – and memories.

Stories, well-told, tell history; they tell your story; they tell that of your business; that of your customers.
‘Stories, well told, hold an immense power and can mesmerise your audience’.

Stories can be told in many ways: we needn’t say a single word; we can use the spoken word, writing,
pictures, music or videos. We can use all manner of media to get our stories across so as to resonate
with our audience.

But, first, we must understand the power of stories. That is what we cover in the first of this series.

There are three more in the series:
• Cutting through the Clutter: How to identify your Story, that of your Customers, and that of your Audience. April 16
• How to Deliver your Story: Choice of Medium; Choice of Media; April 25
• How to tell your Story as a Presentation (There is no need to be nervous). May 9

Our Speaker

Christopher Southam

an accomplished storyteller, speaker, and presenter. He is a published author, trainer, and executive coach. Also a former university lecturer and lawyer with decades of experience as a presenter and advocate – not simply in court but also as a management-trainer. Mr. Southam is exceptionally well-experienced in the art of storytelling as a technique of persuasion.


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